Our Products:

Chicken Manure

Our chicken manure is extracted from many Chicken Farms scattered across Perth. The process begins with a clean shed, we then lay sawdust throughout the shed. Our free range chickens then build up the manure over a number of weeks. Our operators then use various machinery to collect and load the manure into our assorted sized trailers to deliver the highest quality manure possible.

Our chicken manure is ideal for sandy soils, broad acreage, pastoral, vineyards, market gardens, orchards and most other agricultural areas. It works excellently in the south western regions due to the heavy rainfall content in many farming areas. It proves as efficient as chemical fertilizers at a reduced price.

Chicken Manure is an organic, natural soil amendment used for years in vegetable cultivation industry, growing quality crops on marginal, sandy coastal soil. Recent trails have shown marked yield improvement in both broad acre and pastoral work.

                Our experience shows every farm has some marginal land which chicken manure can help turn back into productive useable acreage. By building the soil structure any further synthetic fertilizer use will gain maximum value.

Our chicken manure can not be delivered to metro areas, if you have any questions about this please speak to your local council