Midwest Quarries

The Hawkins Group operates Midwest Quarries, providing quarrying services for the mining industry. Crushing and Screening equipment and services are also available.

Our experience with Midwest Quarries, L’Haridon Bight and other continual site and quarry work for our clients has generated extensive quarrying experience throughout our company. We have a keenly developed and felt understanding of the challenges and requirements for transport and its integration with mining and production services in the State. Our involvement in this sphere provides excellent advantages, proactive and prompt action for our clients.

We integrate our understanding and efficiency mindset with all of our transport operations, providing you targeted, efficient and proactive service for your cartage needs.

If you have any queries regarding our quarrying or other services, please contact us at the Hawkins Group headquarters at:

Ph: +61 8 9409 7377

email: enquiries@jjhawkins.com.au

or Contact Us via our web form.